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The Right Time To Double Your Blackjack Bet

We invite you to find out when is the best time to double your blackjack bet. But before that, it seems wise to remind you of the rules of this game which requires a minimum of knowledge.


The first thing to know is that a game of Blackjack is always played between the bank and the other players. The objective of each player will be well determined and rather simple since it will be to obtain a total of points higher than that of the croupier. But beware ! All the subtlety lies in the fact that you should never exceed 21. If you are a seated player, you bet and your card draw exceeds 21, then you lose your initial bet placed on the mat. This game is a little different from most other casino games in that it offers the player the ability to influence the course of the game. Indeed, in blackjack the player can vary his game as well as his bets and also use certain options which are not negligible.

All you need to know about the value of cards in Blackjack

It is very important to know the value of the cards if you want to have a chance of winning. You should therefore know that the value of a card actually varies between 2 and 10, that it is indicated on the card and that a figure is worth 10 points.

But be careful not to overlook the fact that the Ace is worth 1 or 11 depending on the value given to it by the player. So you will have understood it: the best possible game that you can have in your hand necessarily consists of an Ace plus a face or a 10. An opportunity to have a hand here which gives you 2-card Blackjack for a total so appreciated by 21 points. Finally, be aware that in the event of Blackjack, you will then directly win one and a half times your bet.

All you need to know about blackjack bets

And since we are talking about bets and this remains in fact the main topic of our topic of the day on, it is time to reveal the unfolding of a game. Each round begins with the placing of the players’ bets on the mat. Once that is done, the croupier then deals a card, face up to each player and a card which will be hidden from himself. He then deals a second card visible to everyone to each player.

The procedure is then well oiled and inevitable: he then questions each of the players at the table, starting with the one to his left. It is then at this precise moment that everything can be played, because each player will have to indicate to him if he wishes or not additional cards. It is important to know that you can request as many cards as you want… But be careful anyway.

The dealer serves himself once all the players at the table are served. He draws cards as long as he has a total of less than 17. A rather important and lucrative gesture since if he achieves a total of points greater than 21, then all the remaining players win.